Camper / CIT / Junior Counselor Applications

Please read this information in entirety before continuing your application.

NEW FOR 2018: MEDICAL FAST TRACK – see below for information

The medical forms on this site are required for each Camper (Age 9-12), Camper (Age 13-14), CIT (Age 15), and Junior Counselor (Age 16-17). We cannot and WILL NOT accept any other medical forms. The deadline for Medical Forms submission is 30 June 2018. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.

We have added a checklist as a convenience to you to assist in ensuring you have completed all the required paperwork.

  • We MUST have on file a complete Part A, B, & C, Immunizations Record, & a copy of the insurance card. For Tricare, simply provide your DoD Benefits ID number on the reverse of the sponsors Common Access Card (CAC).
  • Physicals are good for 2 years, however, we must still be provided with an updated PART A-C which includes the physicians signature.
  • Part A is the Universal Child Health Record for New Jersey, This form must be completed by you (part I) and by your physician (part II). Your doctor must enter the date of the last physical he/she conducted just under part II’s heading. When they sign at the bottom, they must print their name, sign, and date the form when they completed it. If they have an office stamp, they should affix it to the lower right hand side of this form.
  • Part B is the Standing Orders for medication page. This page must be completed so that we may provide your child with over-the-counter and/or prescription medication.
    • If your child takes daily prescription medication, they must have this medication with them at inprocessing, it must be clearly labeled in the original packaging with the dose and frequency. Parents that fail to bring this medication with their child to Youth Camp will not be accepted to camp. The bottom line is that if the doctor prescribes a medication that is on Part B, this medication MUST be present with the camper at checkin.
    • If your child does not require prescription medication, this form must still be signed by the physician so that we may medicate them with standard over-the-counter medications to include,┬áBENADRYL, TUSSAFED Ex, TYLENOL, MOTRIN, MYLANTA, TUMS, HYDRO- CORTISONE 1% CREAM, DULCOLAX, etc.
  • Part C is the Emergency Medical Authorization form. This form authorizes the Youth Camp staff to ensure that your child is properly cared for in the unlikely event of an accident or injury while under the care of the youth camp staff. We cannot and WILL NOT accept your child into camp if this form is not completed, signed and notarized.
  • Immunizations forms must be provided with the application regardless of whether or not your child has received any since the last year.
  • Legible copies of your insurance cards are mandatory for acceptance to camp.
  • FAST TRACK – You will be eligible for medical FAST TRACK if you have all of your forms submitted completely before the deadline. You will be issued a wrist-band to let staff know that you are medical FAST TRACK. Medical FAST TRACK will ensure your medical packet is approved immediately upon entering the medical station at checkin. The only additional requirement is that any prescription medications must be brought with you. This may require a minimal wait to see the staff nurse for proper checkin of your child(s) prescription medication(s).

We thank you for your time in reading this important information. This is for your child(ren’s) protection and well-being while under our care. If you have any questions, please contact us at mf at NJ National Guard Youth Camp operates under the auspices of N.J.A.C 8:25, we comply fully with all requirements thereto.

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