Volunteer Forms

Background Check  A state background check is mandatory for all Senior Counselors & Safety/Security Personnel. The state background check is administered through a third party and costs $28.70.  Once the results are on file, you will be reimbursed the week of camp. Please obtain your State Background Check by making an appointment at and completing the Universal Fingerprint form (attached here).  These results will automatically be mailed to the Bordentown office and submitted to the Youth Camp staff for review.

Counselor Code of Conduct This form needs to be completed/signed by all Senior Counselors and uploaded prior to approval as a Counselor.

Volunteer Contract This form must be completed by all Volunteers and uploaded prior to approval as a volunteer.

Camper, CIT, and Junior Counselor Forms

The Health History & Medical Provider Certification forms below are required in order to be accepted into camp. They are fillable on your computer. You can upload this form via this website, e-mail, fax to 888-490-5326, or mail to the medical staff. Deadline is 1 June 2018. PLEASE ENSURE YOU COMPLETELY FILL OUT THIS FORM BEFORE SUBMITTING. BY SUBMITTING YOU ARE AUTHORIZING CARE OF YOUR CHILD DURING THEIR STAY AT YOUTH CAMP.


Health History Form (For Parents to fill out, copy and bring to child(rens) health care provider for review).
Medical Provider Certification (Bring to your child(rens) health care provider. This form must be filled out by the provider.)

Anaphylaxis Action Plan This form is only required if your child has asthma, a food or other life-threatening allergy.

As of Youth Camp 2016, we have transitioned to a digital Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. Please use our EHR site to view your camper/CIT/junior counselor health records and let us know if there are any issues. You can open your EHR records by visiting NJNG Youth Camp EHR! You will receive an invitational e-mail if you have not, please let us know at mf @

While our preferred method is uploading, you may fax your completed forms to the Youth Camp staff (888-490-5326) and it will be given to the appropriate office.  These forms include medical forms, CIT questionnaire, Volunteer Contract and Counselor Code of Conduct.   Please submit a cover sheet with your name/child’s name, a list of forms attached, the total number of pages and the best way to contact you for questions (either email or phone number).