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Welcome to the Youth Camp online forum. Here is where you can get quick answers to your questions about Youth Camp! If you have a question, that is not available, please post it. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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    1. Click on the Help button on the navigation bar above and you can download the PDF that will guide you through the registration process. If you still need assistance, you can contact the Youth Camp Staff by using the Contact Us button above.

  1. Medical Forms: When opening medical forms you may be unable to fill out the form directly from the site. In this case, will need to save a copy of the form and open with Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. Adobe reader is available free at:

    Step 1. Click on the Forms tab.

    Step 2. Click on Medical Form

    Step 3. Download to your computer then open.

    You should then be able to fill out the form. It will fill out the pertinent data on subsequent pages, please print and bring to your physician. Remember Physicals are good for 2 years. We have them on file in the EHR. We will let you know if we need updated medical forms.


    1. The way our payment system is set up is that when you pay for youth camp you will receive an immediate approval. This is your way of knowing that your payment was processed successfully. We then check to make sure that you have all required documentation for your application. If you do, you will remain in an approved status, if not, you are marked as not approved and notified via e-mail.

      Once all of your required documentation has been received and verified, you will then be final approved for acceptance to Youth Camp! We look forward to seeing you there!

    1. No. Our site is designed to provide an easy application process for subsequent years attending camp, however, for volunteers, they will each need their own user name and password.

      Always select the Volunteer as the primary registrant, then select your subsequent registrants. When filling out the applications, you can use the copy feature, however, please make sure to change the youth camp attendee names on all applications. Otherwise there will be issues with your application.

  2. I signed up as a 13-14 age camper in March and the 155.00 registration fee was paid…receipt provided. This was done in error as he will be 12 during the youth camp. My registration for 9-12 shows pending payment…How do I correct this to reflect the correct information…age and paid status?

    1. Contact us so that we can remove the erroneous registration, add the new registration and transfer the payment data over in the database. After this is complete you will receive confirmations via e-mail that your application is paid for. Further emails will be sent once all required forms are complete and you will be finally approved for camp attendance.

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