SENIOR COUNSELOR – Must be available July 7-14, 2018. Have overall responsibility for the supervision, safety, and motivation of each camper and Junior Counselor assigned and works to build self-esteem and teamwork. Monitors all camper activities to insure health, welfare and safety issues are addressed. If you are applying to be a Senior  Counselor, please obtain your State Background Check by making an appointment at https://nj.ibtfingerprint.com The Universal Fingerprint form can be found under the forms tab of this website. Must have the results of your background check on file by Friday, June 1,2018. You must make your fingerprint appointment no later than May 15, 2018.

SAFETY/SECURITY – Perform security for the camp. Work one of three shifts to ensure the safety and well being of the campers. Duties include ks, headcount, and safety checks. **  You MUST have this done by 1 July 2017. Please make your appointment no later than June 15, 2018.

ARTS &CRAFTS – Assist the Arts & Crafts director in the operation of the activity. To include daily set-up of activity, clean up and helping campers with their daily projects. This does not require billeting.

SPORTS – Assist the Sports director in the operation of all sports activities, which includes soccer, volleyball, flag football, and the sports Olympics. This does not require billeting.

BEACH- Assist the Beach director in the operation of all beach activities. Must be able to swim, and perform life saving measures. Perform the duties of a lifeguard. This does not require billeting.

ADMINISTRATIVE – Assist the Administrative director in operation of an Administrative Center. Duties include setting up and maintaining the in-processing of all campers, volunteers, and counselors, maintenance of daily reports, creation of camp certificates, and campers’ folders. Assist with the set up and break down of the admin center. Required attendance for preparation of Camp on Friday & Saturday prior to opening on Sunday.

PUBLIC AFFAIRS – Assist the Public Affairs director in the areas of preparing daily newsletter, photos both digital, 35mm and video. Maintain daily log of all photos and work orders completed. This requires some knowledge of photography and or journalism.

MEDICAL – Requires certification as a Doctor, RN, LPN, or EMT. Provide care to all campers, counselors, and staff should the need arise. Must be HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) compliant as well for access to medical records.

LOGISTICS – Provide direct support to the logistics director. Duties include set up and clean up of barracks, maintain & deliver daily supplies used in operation of youth camp, and the set up and breakdown of special activity areas.

TRANSPORTATION – Provide all transportation in support of camp activities on and off post. Bus license (CDL) required for driving of buses. Work under the direction of the logistics director.

COOKS – Prepare all meals for the youth camp. Set up, serve and clean up of the food service line and the dining facility.

ARCHERY – Provide proper instruction and mentorship to campers on the fundamentals of archery.